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Sometimes, what you're looking for comes when you're looking at all.

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5 Ways to Find What You’re Looking For

Deeply nestled in each person’s soul is a dream, a desire, a need to search for something. Our searches propel us into our daily routines, inform our relationships, and give us a context for many of our goals and aspirations. But whether our search is for love, meaningful work, spiritual understanding, peace, or a way to achieve better health, at times, we can get frustrated or stymied. Here are five suggestions for the seeker – and finder – in all of us:

1. The Journey

Understand the journey. No matter what we’re looking for, the process of finding it is an unfolding journey. The more we understand the revelatory nature of our search, the better we are at recognizing the signs and signposts along the way.

2. Faith

Hold to and strengthen faith. Without the belief that we will be successful in our search, the process of seeking can quickly become seemingly hopeless and shallow. God holds each of us and guides our steps toward His blessed will for us – and as we proceed in faith, the goal of our search will become all the clearer.

3. Wisdom

Tap into the wisdom of others. Although we are each on individual life journeys, we do hold many experiences in common. People with wisdom, whether we know them personally or not, who share what they have learned are true blessings as we make our way along.

4. Be Flexible

Be flexible. Oh, so often, what we think we are looking for is not what God intends for us at all! The phrase, “surprised by the Spirit” has never been more apt as we find that our journey winds and turns and rises and falls in unexpected and, many times, delightful ways.

5. Deepen Character and Commitment

Deepen character and commitment. Love is not one-sided, nor is meaningful work achieved only through a temporary effort. The desires of the heart, and the search for them, lead to receiving and giving. By committing ourselves to good and looking beyond only what we want, we set the table for a feast of wonderful things, fruits of our journey for ourselves and others, too.

Sometimes, what you're looking for comes when you're looking at all.

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