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I'm happy that i did

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I'm happy that i did

7 Reasons You Shouldn't Regret Your Last Relationship

You began a relationship for a reason; whether you like to admit it or not, at some point in time you loved and cared for your partner very much.

Although your relationship came to a close, whether it ended on a positive note or a negative note, there is still no reason to regret it.

And here’s why…

1. You shared some amazing moments

The relationship should not be defined by its ending. Even though things didn’t last; you still have the honeymoon phase and the comfortable phase to be thankful for. Im sure that at some point during your relationship, you felt an overwhelming sense of happiness– one of which you did not know existed until you first experienced love.

You would catch yourself smiling at his texts, enjoying all the little outings you did together, and appreciating the fact that he was yours.

So, even though these feelings may have changed towards the end of your relationship, doesn’t mean they never existed at all.

2. You learned to trust

You can’t be in a relationship with a partner who you do not trust. It takes two to make a relationship work and it takes trust from both partners to keep it going.

Trust is never an easy thing to give someone, but you chose to credit your partner - on his vow to stay loyal - and to trust yourself - that you were making a wise decision. So, not only did you learn to have faith in your significant other, but you also learned to have faith in yourself.

3. You learned how to love and be loved

Love is a very strong word.

It’s thrown around when you’re a child, but once you grow up you learn that this word should be saved for very few.

Being in a relationship requires you to be vulnerable, to be your completely natural self, and to accept the love your partner gives to you –even though, sometimes, it's more than you would give yourself.

You learned to love your partner for the person he was, for the morals he had, and for the flaws that made him uniquely him.

Just because things have changed, doesn’t mean your love was never real.

4. You experienced heartbreak

I don’t care about who broke up with who; because at the end of the day both of you lost someone that held a special place in your heart.

People often assume that the one who initiated the breakup is left untouched by the situation. However, this is far from reality.

They too, felt the same heartbreak when they realized– their relationship was going south. They experienced the confusion, the sadness, the anger, and the nostalgia.

They romanticized the past – over and over again – replaying the memories entangled with the feelings of pure bliss and tender love that you two had shared.

No matter which side of it you were on, you experienced heartache in one way or another.

5. You know which “flaws“? you’re not willing to overlook

When you first fall in love with someone, it’s easy to brush off any negatives – simply because the positives just seem to outshine all the rest.

However, eventually when time lapsed, you realized that these minor flaws weren’t as minor as you originally thought.

Despite all the positive, you were no longer able to ignore the negatives.

So in your next relationship, you’ll know that any sign of cockiness, any sign of arrogance, and any sign of pomposity – just won’t fly.

These are some negatives you just cant seem to overlook.

6. You know which qualities you’re searching for

After ending a serious relationship with someone, you’re forced to think about what went wrong and what was missing. Ultimately, you end up thinking about what qualities are most important to you and what you need to look for in your future boyfriend.

You now know; to search for the boy with morals that match your own, to search for the boy who is considerate to everyone he encounters, and to search for the boy who inspires you to be a better version of yourself.

7. You know that the next person you choose to be unguarded with has earned it

After you’ve experienced heartbreak, learning to love and trust again isn’t that simple.

If there is any doubt that this boy has the potential to hurt you; your walls will be guarded like gates to a castle.

However, if you’re able to pull down those walls and put your trust and love in another person, there is a reason– they’ve earned it. They have shown you something about themselves that makes you want to do the same.

You have trust in their character and trust in the potential of your future together.

You know that your heart's not willing to be put in a vulnerable position; so when it chooses to open itself up to someone– that someone is undoubtedly special.

 I wasn't planning on loving you, but i'm happy that i did.

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