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I love things that make you simle

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30 Things That Make Me Smile

A smile is usually a big giveaway to happiness, contentment and inner peace but what makes a person smile is usually very personal to them.

From reaching the end of a good book, finding a runaway fiver on the street and even experiencing a traffic free morning commute, it’s the little things in life which can make us smile.

As part of National Smile Month, the Oral Health Foundation have gone on a mission to find out what is most likely to put a smile on the faces of the great British public; and what we have found has revealed that what brings us most happiness does not have to cost us anything at all.

So here in no particular order are the 30 things that make me smile:

  • Chocolate – any kind, but if contains coconut…it makes me smile a long time more! 😉 ‘Bounty’ful chocolate!
  • Which brings me to coconut. Fresh coconut nothing sweeter!
  • Our Pablo who loves coconut too. Yes, a boxer dog crazy about coconut! When he was younger he loved playing with them. Now that he’s older coconut sweets and cookies are his favourite!
  • My husband who goes out of his way to indulge Pablo sometimes – and me always! 😉
  • Silly ‘inside’ jokes – when you just have to look at the other person and you know they got it too!
  • Opening a new bar of soap – sandal and lavender are my favorite.
  • Popping bubble wrap. Confess, you love doing that too!
  • Hugging someone I love.
  • The smell of a brand new note book.
  • Filling a fountain pen with ink. Yes, I’ve started using them again – back to my old love!
  • The fact that I have loads of books to read and review – all free. Allow me to brag for a moment – I’m a ‘top reviewer’ on NetGalley!
  • Looking at old pictures and trying to figure out who is who.
  • Watching a kite in the sky.
  • Watching children playing gleefully on a beach.
  • Watching adults behave like children on a beach.
  • Cold pizza to start the day – because you ordered too much the night before.
  • Hot coffee to get the day off to a great start.
  • The cartoon strips in the morning newspapers. My husband has introduced me to Tiger and I love that Punkinhead chap!
  • Watching dog videos. Yesterday, I watched a dog doing yoga and he made me smile.
  • Overhearing little kids talk – they can truly say the darndest things!
  • A good haircut. Which reminds me how I’m looking forward to one at the end of the month.
  • A tall glass of cold shandy – with a dash of beer and loads of lemonade.
  • Spicy hot pickles.
  • Watching my husband relish the food I’ve made.
  • Surpises. I love surprises. (Hint…hint…!)
  • When I take the trouble (rarely) to dress up and someone compliments me.
  • A warm shower – accompanied by my singing! 🙂
  • Listening to an old song.
  • Watching someone perform a random act of kindness. Even better, when I do one!
  • My blog. My writing. And you, dear reader!

 I love things that make you simle.

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